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You can get an instant quote anywhere, but what are the hidden costs? Getting the best deal can sometimes force you to:

  • Meet unknown buyers in unsafe situations
  • Settle for unfair, unrewarding transactions
  • Sink significant time, stress, and confusion into an unfamiliar process
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Vehicle Hero puts an end to this mayhem, alleviating the burden of private car sales by making them:

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Sell to trustworthy dealers in your community instead of faceless chains or strangers.

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Receive the best, most convenient deal for your car based on current sale data.

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I had been trying to sell our daughter’s 2015 Ford Fiesta for about two weeks, using the typical local newspaper and Craig’s List advertising. I was totally frustrated with the absence of honest inquires except for the guy who wanted to trade me for a Harley motorcycle. The con artists come out of the woodwork, trying every ploy to suck you into accepting a fake cashier’s check for a low ball amount and never looking at the car. ‘My friend will come pick it up because I am sooo busy.’

Your agent, Anthony O, reached out to me on Sep 20 via text message. After we danced around for a few messages to establish some level of trust, we moved forward and I was able to complete the sale he orchestrated with my local Ford dealer on the following afternoon. It all went smoothly and the offer quoted is what I received. The car is off my driveway and our daughter has money in the bank to survive for a few more months.

I was impressed with Anthony’s professionalism, competence, honesty, and openness to explain what was happening. If I had access to your Facebook satisfaction survey, your company and Anthony would receive a 10 out of 10.Thanks for your help.

Randy T.Satisfied Customer

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