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What is Vehicle Hero’s origin story?

Vehicle Hero is the industry’s leading platform for aggregating and acquiring FSBO (for sale by owner) inventory. Vehicle Hero fulfils the need for a full-contact solution, eliminating buyer overhead from software and staff, and guaranteeing ROI through a “per-acquisition” cost structure. Vehicle Hero brings fast-turning, high-margin inventory that’s unique in the marketplace because it’s as varied as the consumers that are selling them. No recycled auction slugs or rental rockets!


So you buy cars for me?

No. By aggressively pursuing contact with private sellers through advanced technological means, we communicate the Vehicle Hero Story and benefits of doing business with our buying partners, to deliver a consistent stream of sellers who want a fast and easy way to get a fair value for their vehicle. YOU then buy the cars.

How do you determine vehicle values?

We set appointments based on fair market ranges. The range of values is customizable based on your inventory needs and market conditions, allowing you to dial in specific filter criteria to aggressively pursue the most in-demand vehicles or to take it easy on units with a higher market days supply.

What do I need to provide as a dealer partner?

Our dealer partners are committed to providing an exceptional guest experience that prioritizes a seller on the same level as any other customer. Our partners deliver on efficiency, competitive market-based offers, personal attention, and transportation assistance after the acquisition. That’s pretty much it!

What’s the fee structure?

Vehicle Hero acquisition fees are comparable to (and often slightly less than) fee structures at your local auctions and wholesale resources. Additionally there’s a base subscription fee of $299 per month.

What if I only want to buy a couple units a month?

You can set your parameters to focus only on vehicles that are highly desirable for your dealership. Our Vehicle Heroes will direct their efforts exclusively on that select inventory, if that’s what you want. Our goal is that you’re reasonably able to convert about 80% of the opportunities we provide to acquisitions. Clearly, more vehicles acquired = higher ROI, so we encourage our dealer partners to buy as many vehicles as they can reasonably dispose of.

Is there a limit on how many units I can buy?

No. The number of opportunities delivered by Vehicle Hero are only capped by conditions in your local market. If you can keep buying, we’ll keep sending you sellers!

How do I become a buying partner?

Vehicle Hero is launching in select markets across the country. If you’d like to bring us to your market, please contact us using the form below.

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