Can I Sell My Car To A Dealership?

Sell Your Car

What are the benefits of selling to a dealer versus an individual?

It’s easier. It’s faster. 

And in today’s rapidly changing automotive market, many dealers are promising to not only buy your car but to give you more money for it.

“Value, ease, and speed” are the main reasons you would consider selling your car to an automotive dealership as opposed to running ads on social media and selling your car to a stranger, says Benjamin Dykstra of Vehicle Hero.


You can sell your car and have money in the bank today if you sell your car to a dealership instead of selling it yourself, but at what cost? More on that later.

Of course the dealership can do it faster, it’s their JOB. Dealerships have the personnel and the processes in place to determine the true market value of your car, take care of all the required registrations, then put a check in your hand almost immediately.

No wasting an entire week responding to random messages on Facebook. Exactly how many Saturdays of your life are you willing to spend hoping the people of the internet actually show up to meet you in the supercenter parking lot?


Dealers these days are rolling out the red carpets not only for car buyers but car sellers too. The used vehicle market is hotter than Georgia asphalt right now, and dealers are doing whatever it takes to get every deal done.

Drive straight into the dealership. They’ll buy your car on the spot and give you a ride home with a smile.

Better yet, they’ll drive to your house, pick up the vehicle you’re selling, and bring the money with them. No problem. If that’s what you want. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeazy.

Dealing with a pack of craigslist randos for the next couple of weeks, not so much. But is it worth it? To get a little more money for your hard work?


The Bottom line: that’s what you want to know, right? 

Who is going to give you the most money for your vehicle? 

How long and hard are you going to have to work to make the deal? How much trouble is it going to be? Those are factors, sure, but money talks!

It seems rational to think that an individual is going to be your highest bidder, and you end up making more money by cutting out the middleman, but the truth is more complicated.

Car dealers are professionals. They’re wanting to buy and sell your car profitably, certainly. That’s what they do. But here’s the thing. Because car dealers sell cars every day they know how to maximize the value of the cars they sell. People will willingly pay more money to a dealership because it is easy. It is convenient. 

Car dealers can pay more for your car because your car is worth more at a car dealership.

Meanwhile, the parade of people blowing up your phone at 11:37 on a Tuesday night…. They’re doing everything possible to save money on their vehicle. The bargain hunters. The low ballers. The deal finders. They’re trying to cut out the middle man too.


Anybody can promise you anything. If only there were a way you could know if the people offering to meet you at the supercenter parking lot were actually going to be there and bring cash money. 

Unless you already know and trust them, you have no idea about individual buyers.

But you sure do about dealers. That’s the big advantage dealers have over Joe Blow on the street. It’s why people pay more to do business at a dealership. Because you can TRUST and VERIFY.

Benjamin Dykstra of Vehicle Hero says you can go online to see if dealers walk the walk or just talk the talk.

“Read reviews on them. Find out what other people’s experiences have been,” says Dykstra.

Show Me The Money!

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