What Happens To My Information Once I Submit It To Vehicle Hero?

Sell Your Car

It happens to the best of us, right?

We’re half-heartedly scrolling the internet, watching videos of celebrity cat workouts programs when something slightly interesting pops up on our screen.

Sure. I’d like more information on a 100% guaranteed way to lose more weight, make more money, and meet my soulmate all from the comfort of my own home… while I sleep, no less. That’s sounds great! I’ll just enter my contact info here and…..

BOOM! That’s how they get ya!

Quick as you can say “Bob’s your uncle,” your phone starts ringing, your email inbox starts filling up, and someone’s knocking on your door saying you filled out a form for more information about new vinyl siding. What’s vinyl siding have to do with meeting your soul mate?

Absolutely nothing. That’s what.

The thing is a lot of companies on the internet don’t actually buy or sell anything… except you and your contact information.  They’ll say or do whatever it takes to get you to fill out their forms. Then their robots get to work searching the back alleys of the interwebs to find spammers to buy your private information. 

Over and over and over again.

Vehicle Hero will never sell your information to anyone.

“That’s not our business model,” says Benjamin Dykstra from Vehicle Hero.

We deliver a fast, easy, seamless experience for consumers who want to sell their car quickly.”

We can’t do any of that if you’re busy avoiding calls from some Nigerian prince slash lottery winner.

When you submit your vehicle identification number and contact information on VehicleHero.com, it’s completely secure. It’s never resold, and no one will ever have access to your private data but us and the dealer partner we match you with to get maximum value for the vehicle you want to sell. 

One of our Vehicle Heroes will contact you first.

Once your vehicle and contact info is entered into our private, secure servers, almost immediately, one of our Vehicle Heroes will reach out to verify your information, ask you a few questions about the car you’re trying to sell, and most importantly, answer any questions you have about the process and timeline for selling it.

So the phone is going to ring, but don’t worry. It’s only one of us, a real live human being, and we’re calling to help. 

Once we get the ball rolling, we’ll find our dealer partner who is the best fit to purchase your vehicle for the most money in the least amount of time, and we’ll introduce you.

No one else will ever call, text, or email. No one else will ever even see your information. Period.

That’s not how we do business.

So if you’ve got a car, truck, or SUV that you’d like to sell fast, with no hassle, and with no late-night calls from Nigerian royalty, just enter your VIN here.

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