Can My Dealership Partner With Vehicle Hero?

Sell Your Car

Vehicle Hero is partnering with car dealerships to boost their inventory by buying more used vehicles directly from consumers 

We’re not telling you anything that as a dealer you don’t already know. The situation is dire and, honestly, no one knows when it’s going to get better.

Dealer inventory levels are at an all-time low. Lots are empty, the factory isn’t sending you anywhere close to enough new cars, and the auction prices for used cars are way past sky-high.

Dealers are paying full retail price or more at auction for many vehicles. Sometimes they’re paying above original MSRP for wholesale vehicles.

Dealers are now turning to a historically under-utilized source to fill their empty car lots –  acquisitions direct from consumers.

Over the last year, it seems like dealers have spent as much time and energy buying cars as they’ve spent selling them, but they often find they don’t have either the people or the processes in place to buy enough vehicles, quickly enough and profitably enough to fill the demand in their market.

That’s where Vehicle Hero comes in.

Vehicle Hero offers a turn-key, fully managed vehicle buying solution that lets dealers buy more cars, trucks, and SUVs “off the street.”

Vehicle Hero is adding new dealer partners daily, but before we can get married, we have to do a little courting.

“We want to learn about you and give you the opportunity to learn about us. There’s going to be commitments on both sides and we’re going to hold each other to a high standard,” says Benjamin Dykstra from Vehicle Hero.

“Vehicle Hero is going to do the upfront work. Our cost outlay is the time and energy that it takes to deliver a profitable buying opportunity. And in return we expect that our dealer partners take that opportunity seriously, treat the seller well, and do everything in their power to complete the transaction in a fair and fast way.”

Vehicle Hero performs all the outreach to find consumers in your market who are interested in selling their vehicles. We physically get them on the phone to make sure there’s  a real opportunity with a real person selling a real car. We grade the vehicles and negotiate offers. When there’s a deal to be made, we’ll introduce our trusted buying partner for final verification before setting an appointment for a seamless transaction.

If your dealership is struggling to find inventory, smoothly complete the car buying process with consumers, or acquire vehicles at a price that leaves room for a fair profit, reach out to Vehicle Hero today for a quick chat.

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