How Long Does It Take To Sell My Car?

Sell Your Car

Time is money.

When you’re trying to decide whether to sell your car yourself, you’ll need to consider more than dollars and cents; you’ll need to think about all the days or even weeks that you’ll spend devoted to selling your car yourself versus the mere hours you’ll spend if you use a vehicle buying service like Vehicle Hero.

Sell Your Vehicle Through Vehicle Hero  In As Little As One Hour

All the motivational speakers will tell you there’s no such thing as the easy button, but there is. If you’ve got a vehicle that you need to sell, the easy button is on

“Once you click the get offer button and put your information in, that initial contact is probably going to be within ten minutes,” says Benjamin Dykstra from Vehicle Hero. “Your phone is going to ring.” 

On one end of the call, there won’t be some spammy robot voice,  some phone bank from Bangladesh, or some 3rd-degree felon from your Craigslist ad.

On the other end will be one of our vehicle heroes.

Vehicle Hero to the Rescue

Your vehicle hero will be your sherpa through the potentially complicated landscape of selling your vehicle.

They’ll locate one of our pre-vetted dealer partners ready to put a check in your hand in just a matter of hours, as little as one hour if all the stars line up just right.

How Can I Speed Up The Process?

Buying and selling a car can be a complicated legal and financial transaction. There are strict regulations regarding the titling, registration, and taxation of vehicles being transferred, and there’s always the possibility of getting caught up in a storm of red tape if you don’t dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.

Your vehicle hero and our approved dealer partners are experts at slicing through the red tape, but you can help speed the process along by doing your part.

Make sure you’ve got the title to your vehicle, in your name. Make sure you’ve got all the info about any loans or outstanding liens on the vehicle. And make sure that the vehicle is in the shape you said it was in. 

It’s tempting to exaggerate its condition, but if you tell us your ride is showroom quality, and you drag it in there with a chain and a prayer, it’s gonna slow the process down!

Smash That Easy Button

In a perfect scenario, Vehicle Hero can help you get a check in your hand in an hour or so. However long it takes, it’s going to be at least 10 times faster than selling a car yourself. 10 times faster. Easy.

Enter your VIN here and get a fast and easy no-obligation offer for your vehicle today!

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